Spencer Doe
(Cosplayer/ Artist/ Prop Maker)
Spencer DoeSpencer Doe is a cosplayer/artist/ and prop maker from Boston, MA. He ventured into the cosplay world in 2008 after doing charity appearances at various children's hospitals in New England. He enjoys bringing comic art to life for the fans and tries to make each personís experience something to remember at the conventions he attends. Spencer has won various awards for his costume work both online in international competitions and at conventions. He has traveled up and down the East coast and most recently to Texas and Philadelphia entertaining con attendees. Spencer strives to help promote a positive atmosphere in the cosplay community and loves to help out those new to the hobby who have questions and concerns.

Spencer's costumes are based off some of the iconic characters of the silver screen and comic lore. He is most well-known for his take on the Arkham City version of Batman from the video game series. He can also be seen stalking around conventions as The Predator and numerous other characters. One thing is for sure, you will never just get a normal photo standing next to him. Spencer will most likely get you involved and make sure that photo you take is something to remember for years to come. Spencer prides himself on making conventions a memorable experience, especially for the younger fans who light up when they see characters brought to life before their eyes. He only hopes to exceed what he has done in the past to make bigger and better characters for all to enjoy.

If you wish to follow him on his cosplay creation and convention adventures you can check out his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/spencerdoepage
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