Spencer Doe

(Official Wizard World Cosplay Guest)

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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Spencer Doe


Spencer Doe is a cosplayer/artist/prop maker originally from Boston, MA. who has created over 20 costumes. He ventured into the cosplay world in 2008 after doing charity appearances at various children's hospitals in New England as Batman. He has worked for 20th Century Fox as a professional appearance character for the DVD release of the film Predator's. Spencer enjoys bringing comic art to life for the fans and tries to make each person's experience something to remember at the conventions he attends. Spencer has won various awards for his costume work both online in international competitions and at conventions. He has traveled all over the country and abroad entertaining con attendees of all ages. He strives to help promote a positive atmosphere in the cosplay community and loves to help out those new to the hobby who have questions and concerns.