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Get the scoop on last night's event
By Stephen Wettstein
SPEED DATING WITH GEORGE PEREZAfter a long day at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, people gathered to the connected Hyatt Regency Hotel searching for more than just comics and autographs. It may seem surprising to see such an obtuse thing like speed dating at a comic convention preview night; that is until you stop and really think about it.

Is there really a better place to meet that special someone than a comic convention?

I think not, and we all had George Perez and the Hero Initiative to thank for that.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, (statistically mostly gentlemen) is the question you have all been wanting to ask: How many women showed up? Actually, quite a few women showed appeared; I believe there were only two or three more guys than girls. It has to be George Perezís charm, he is quite a nice guy-his enthusiasm filled the entire room.

The rules for speed dating was quite simple, each woman would sit at a table, and a guy would sit across from her and have four minutes to converse. After the four minutes, the gentleman would stand up and walk to the next table to repeat the same process.

The Hero Initiative is an organization designed to help past and present comic book writers and artists in need, whether it be temporarily keeping their lights on, medical expenses, or even funeral fees. The Hero Initiative makes up for the lack of incentives that they may not have received as comic writers and artists.

The nighttime event was actually put together as a product release party for Sachs & Violens Perfume Oil, based on the comic by Peter David and George Perez. I was fortunate enough to give my nose a taste of these new oils, and was quite surprised. Iím going to be honest with you, this cologne gave me quite a bit of confidence.

For the most part, everyone was dressed up nice (except the guy with a jedi robe and pimp hat), and had a great time. I was not lucky enough to partake, but then again I would have felt bad for ruining the chances for all the other men.

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