Soni Aralynn
(Cosplayer/ Costume Designer/ Model)
Soni AralynnSoni Aralynn is an distinguished and talented cosplayer who has been making her own intricate costumes for many years! Soni's love for cosplay began with her first convention, Otakon 2003. Since then, her intense passion has inspired her to make numerous costumes which caught the eye of community media gurus such as Cosplay In America, GeekXGirls, CosMode, and more! Soni's love for comic books, video games, movies, and Power Rangers is the mega driving force behind her epic work. Each time she begins a cosplay project she dedicates her attention to precision, bringing life to her characters with such conviction, detail, style, and class! In addition to being an internationally known cosplayer and costume designer, Soni is also a model, aspiring prop maker and avid Toy Collector!

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