So-Cal Ghostbusters

(Fan Group)

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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So-Cal Ghostbusters


An elite group of Ghostbuster enthusiasts brought together by a common love for those classic films from the 80′s. Armed with some of the finest uniforms and equipment around, youre sure to be awestruck when we show up to throw down on all types of nasty spooks, spectres and apparitions.

Our group is completely non-profit and we appear regularly in all walks of off-the-wall public events. If it's Ghostbusters or 80′s themed you can usually count us in (charity events are a huge plus).

With the ever growing number of members spread across the state, youre likely to spot us zapping and trapping those nasty ghouls and class 5 poltergeists in a neighborhood near you!