S. Louis King

(Artist/Creator - The Abominations of Science)

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S. Louis King


Native Ohio artist S. Louis King is a writer, sometimes penciler, full time inker, and co-founder of Dirt Cheap Artworks. In the past he has worked on the mini-comics The Amateurs of Horror and Beyond Sunset. His company, Dirt Cheap Artworks, is an independent comic production company behind the new comic The Abominations of Science, which is currently on kickstarter and has been successfully funded. The comic stars an arcane scientist named Doctor Rommel Doowde in a story that is a love letter to B sci fi, horror movies and comics. There will be a thirty page black and white preview issue of The Abominations of Science available at his table. To learn more about the project visit http://kck.st/Rtm82e or like the comic on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TheAbominationsofScience.