SiNN Bodhi aka Kizarny
(Wrestler - WWE; TNA)
SiNN Bodhi <br>aka KizarnySinn Bodhi was born Nick Cvjetkovich on a late summer day in Toronto, Canada on August 29.

SiNN Bodhi aka Kizarny formerly of WWE Smackdown & SiNN of the New Church TNA.

SiNN Bodhi is a savvy and charismatic wrestling character that has wrestled with endless legends such as King Kong Bundy, Barry Windham, The Rock N Roll Express, The Steiner Bros, Raven, MVP & CM Punk etc!!!

Trained by Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes, Dr. Tom Prichard, Steve Keirn, Rip Rogers, Joe Legend & Al Snow.

SiNN Bodhi has wrestled all over the world.. Every U.S. state, every province in Canada, Puerto Rico, England, Scotland, Whales, Ireland & across Europe! Career highlights include TNA 2003-2004 & WWE 2007-2009… SiNN Bodhi also performs with The JIM ROSE CIRCUS & Carnival Diablo and is the ONLY performer in the world today to have worked for TNA, WWE & The Jim Rose Circus as he possesses a unique set of both wrestling & circus stunt skills like no other! SiNN Bodhi is the front man & producer of the hybrid wrestling-circus stage show The Dynamite Death Monkiez.
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