Shelby Robertson

(Penciler - American Dischord; Malibu/Marvel Ent.; Image Comics; London Night; Verotik; Spazdog, Owner - American Dischord)

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Shelby Robertson


Shelby Robertson is a freelance illustrator and one of the most prolific and popular comic book professionals in Arizona. His hard work and consistent creativity garnered him the Phoenix New Times Best Comic Book Artist award in 2011 and his fantasy and comic themed art prints can be found in most of the comic book shops throughout the valley and many other pop-culture shops abroad the US.

Shelby has worked for 20 years as an illustrator for Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Malibu, and several independent publishers. He has also provided sleeve and promo artwork for the music industry for bands such as Glenn Danzig, Bloodhound Gang, Kidd Nasty, and Agent 51. Shelby is also known for his design work on properties such as Stargate and Marvel Animation's Incredible Hulk. Shelby has self funded projects for two decades under his own independent publishing label, AMERICAN DISCHORD (, with comic titles that he has created, written, and illustrated himself, like the superhero group called, Superiors: Snit, Black Reign, Darkshrine, and the buxom dinosaur-riding babe known as Latex Alice.

Shelby's most recent notable work is his creator owned, written and illustrated series 94, which has already proven to be a popular independent phenom tearing through social media and at multiple conventions across America. The initial 3 issue run is Kickstarter funded and the final 3 to complete the 6 issue arc should be press ready by years end 2014. Shelby has also recently supplied Cover Artwork for an array of publishers, digital painting and character design for video games including Burst Online - East City Interactive, and lead concept designer for an upcoming weekly television show. Shelby never sleeps, as Chuck Norris, he only waits.