Shawn Harbin

(Creator/Artist/Writer - The Dungeon Comic; Shawn Harbin's Held Back)

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Shawn Harbin


After successfully selling his oil paintings and teaching art, Shawn delved into working in comics. A life long comic book fan he was always interested in working in the comic book media. As a child he drew his own comics and yearned to become a professional artist.

He first gained fame with his web comic 'shawn Harbin's Held Back. After having dinner with several contemporary comic book artists at a local convention the bug to do comic books again came back and he has not stopped since.

After spending a year and a half developing his book The Dungeon Comic is now in print and rolling into high gear. The Dungeon Comic spans the gambit of genres including fantasy, horror, mystery, action adventure, and camp. His gore and humor have become staples of his artwork. His books harking back to old seventies horror comics complete with ads. A master of parody and humor Shawn strives to give readers the most enjoyable fun book he can possibly produce.

Shawn has had his guitar designs published in Guitar World Magazine, been the focus of news documentary, published his Comic Book Series and their relative posters, and designed his website. He is an accomplished writer, penciler, inker, and colorist. His work can be found at