Shaun Steven Struble

(Writer - Lil Depressed Boy, Colorist - Chew; Regular Show; Wha... Huh)

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Shaun Steven Struble


Struble is best known for writing the Lil Depressed Boy (Image Comics). The series details the story of a young man trying to venture out to find happiness and meaning outside of the his self-imposed seclusion. This young man also happens to be a rag doll. The Lil Depressed Boy is his foray into writing.

Struble has spent many years coloring other people's work, including stings on Chew (Image Comics), Regular Show (Ka-Boom!), Wha... Huh

(Marvel), and Adventure Time (Ka-Boom!).

Shaun Steven Struble moved to Amarillo, Texas to break into comics.

Strangely, this plan worked. He now resides in Dallas with his wife, Jenna, and cat, Buddy.