Shannon Dybvig

(Artist - Keybound; The Adventures of Jin Jetstream!)

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Shannon Dybvig


Shannon Dybvig is a creator based in St. Louis whose comics ranges from slice-of-life to surreal. She is currently working on Keybound, a fantasy story about a gnome who struggles with reconciling the future she anticipated and unexpected responsibilities, while also navigating the complexities of interpersonal relationships. Dybvig is also the artist and co-creator of The Adventures of Jin Jetstream!, a series of short pulp-inspired sci-fi stories following heroine Jin Jetstream, pilot and ex-officer of Earth Core.

Dybvig's art and comics heavily feature subversion of gender role stereotypes, strong women characters, and people with a variety of body types. Her style draws influences from webcomics and fine art and is hallmarked by expressive ink work. Her work can be found on her website at