Shane Kirshenblatt

(Creator/Writer/Artist - Dorothy Gale Journey to Oz)

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Shane Kirshenblatt


Shane Kirshenblatt is a comic book writer, artist, freelance illustrator and painter who has done extensive work on Jack Lake Productions Classics Illustrated and Classics Junior Illustrated books. He is also the creator, writer and illustrator of the internationally published Dorothy Gale: Journey to Oz (Jack Lake Productions/ Freefall Entertainment) series and most recently has contributed his artistic talents to the Grave Conditions horror anthology (Haunted Computer Books), illustrating the lead story Burying Betsy (written by Brian Keene). Shane is currently working on Anything Ghost Illustrated (a graphic novel anthology based on the popular Anything Ghost Show, hosted by Lex Wahl and featuring real people sharing their personal paranormal experiences) while also developing several comic/ animation projects as Co-Founder of New Voyage Studios. An advocate for comics as a form of education, he is bringing comic creation skills to the classroom all over Ontario in association with the Ontario Arts Council Artists In Education initiative.