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Seth Rollins began his career as an independent wrestler who wasted no time making an impact in the world of sports-entertainment. After becoming the first NXT Champion in August 2012, Seth Rollins quickly moved on to join forces with fellow NXT standouts Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to wreak havoc on WWE.

Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns debuted in WWE at Survivor Series 2012, attacking Ryback by smashing him through the announce table and costing him a title match against WWE Champion CM Punk. The group returned the following night on Raw during Punk’s 365-day championship celebration, sending Ryback through the announce table once more.

When Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns finally spoke a week later for the first time in WWE, the trio denied any involvement with Punk. Rollins said they “saw things heading in the wrong direction,” so the group “stepped in and righted those wrongs.” Rollins referred to himself and his cohorts as “a shield from injustice in WWE,” and Ambrose aptly named the group “The Shield.”

Following that interview on Raw, The Shield attacked Ryback a third time, assaulting Team Hell No in the process and leaving Punk the Superstar standing tall. The trio continued their in-ring attacks, until Ryback and Team Hell No finally retaliated with a counter-offensive — one that saw Punk injured in the process.

With the injured WWE Champion officially declared unable to compete, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon announced that The Shield would take on Ryback & Team Hell No in a Six-Man Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at WWE TLC. Rollins and company may have seemed outmatched going into the contest, but the pack of predators proved just how vicious they could be when they picked apart their more experienced opponents and won the brutal match. In their second officially sanctioned WWE match at Elimination Chamber, the dangerous trio shockingly defeated the all-star unit of John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback, and doubled up on the win the next night when Ryback and Sheamus teamed with Chris Jericho for another go at the invaders.

As the weeks went by, Sheamus continued to mix it up with the men in black, with Randy Orton eventually joining his cause. But The Shield may have inadvertently taken their brash tactics one step too far when they accidentally accosted Big Show on SmackDown and recived a KO Punch for the slight. On the March 4 edition of Raw, The Shield formally introduced the giant to their dreaded triple powerbomb, which led to Rollins competing in the trio’s first singles match against the giant the next week. The Shield decided to let Rollins suffer a disqualification loss en route to another beatdown of The World’s Largest Athlete, which they followed up later in the evening with another attack on Randy Orton and Sheamus. The trio challenged Orton and Sheamus to a Six-Man Tag Match with a partner of thier choosing at WrestleMania 29, but Orton & Sheamus’ initial choice, Ryback, was eventually removed from the contest, and it fell to another Shield target, Big Show, to step up and fill the roster spot heading into The Show of Shows.

Rollins displayed his willingness to put his body on the line in the name of justice at WrestleMania, hurling himself from the ring to the arena floor with reckless abandon. That reckless abandon, combined with The Shield’s teamwork, helped the trio to victory in their first appearance on The Grandest Stage of Them All when their opponents’ shaky bond crumbled. The Shield looked to make their most glorious conquest yet the next night on Raw when they encircled The Undertaker, but Team Hell No quickly came to The Deadman’s rescue and sent the NXT invaders into retreat mode. Rollins & Co. got the last laugh two weeks later, however, when they defeated The Phenom and Team Hell No in a Six-Man Tag Team Match on Raw. Four days later on SmackDown, The Shield added insult to injuiry by Triple Powerbombing The Phenom through the announce table on SmackDown moments after his defeat of Ambrose in a singles bout. After several frays with Team Hell No in the ensuing weeks, it was confirmed that Rollins & Reigns would challenge Kane & Bryan for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules 2013.

The Shield established themselves as WWE’s most dominant trio at Extreme Rules. After Dean Ambrose captured the United States Title, Rollins and Reigns shocked the WWE Universe by defeating Team Hell No in a Tornado Tag Team Match to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles; they later retained the championships in their first defense two weeks later.

Whether or not The Shield served justice in their wave of attacks is debatable, but the group’s statement in perpetrating them is undeniable.

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