Sean Murray

(Composer - Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Call of Duty: Black Ops; Call of Duty: World at War; True Crime: Streets of LA)

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Sean Murray


Hollywood composer Sean Murray has provided the emotional and memorable dramatic musical scores for numerous international films as well as hit television series and blockbuster video games spanning diverse genres from the gothic horror of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and urban action of TRUE CRIME: STREETS OF L.A. to the emotionally intense themes of CALL OF DUTY, the biggest entertainment series in history.

Sean's dark symphonic score for CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS, the best-selling video game of all time, once again defines the sound of CALL OF DUTY. Described as an incredibly dense soundscape with booming strings and percussion, and dissonant brass interjections, his BLACK OPS score is enhanced by an 80-piece orchestra that features the talent of leading Hollywood musicians and recorded at the famed Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage in Los Angeles.

Sean's film credits include the action movie KILL SPEED, the controversial television series GOD, THE DEVIL AND BOB with James Garner and Alan Cumming, for Carsey-Werner and NBC; and the deeply disturbing psychological-thriller JUNKYARD DOG starring Vivica Fox. He made his professional debut as composer for the action film SCORPION.

Sean is the son of actor Don Murray, whose performance with Marilyn Monroe in BUS STOP was nominated for an Academy Award.