Scott Page-Pagter

(Writer/Producer - Power Rangers Wild Force; Power Rangers Time Force; Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue; Power Rangers Lost Galaxy; Power Rangers in Space; Power Rangers Turbo; Power Rangers Zeo)

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Scott Page-Pagter


Scott Page-Pagter is a true hyphen in the entertainment industry. Producer Writer Director Composer, etc, etc.

As one of the Producers of the hugely successful Power Rangers series, (450+ episodes) he became highly experienced with getting shows completed and delivered, quickly and efficiently. During this time he was also one of the producers of The VR Troopers, BeetleBorgs and Masked Rider series. He was in charge of all the post voice directing and writing.

He's done on camera directing for Power Rangers, The Wine Guys pilot and the Sea Musketeers Pilot to name a few. He recently produced / directed and scored a Christmas animated special. (Additional credits available upon request).

Scott's first love is music. As a composer, he scored many television shows and films, including: The Worlds Greatest Magic series and other specials for NBC, The Alien Encounter special for The Disney Channel, The Modern Marvels series and many others for The History Channel, miscellaneous Biography episodes for A&E and Bonnie & Clyde for Fox (music credits available upon request). He owns his own music/post studio and is in it much too often.

Scott wrote 100's of ADR scripts for all of the Power Rangers and other series. He's also written complete episodes of The Wine Guys and he wrote pilots for: Sea Life, The Darwin Awards and Kids Eye View to name a few.

He is currently a staff sound designer for Mattel where he is in charge of Voice Direction and casting for all Mattel product. He is also a composer for product and the web. He continues his freelance on camera directing and writing as well as composing.