Scott Lobdell
(Writer - Superman; Teen Titans; Astonishing X-Men; Superboy; Angel; X-Men; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Uncanny X-Men; Fantastic Four; Journey Into Mystery; The Amazing Spider-Man)
Scott LobdellSCOTT LOBDELL is one of the creators who took part in the launch of DCís New 52 line with two titles, TEEN TITANS and RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS. He still writes the TITANS book, but now he also handles the writing duties for DCís flagship hero, SUPERMAN!

Scott is well known for his work throughout the 1990s on Marvelís X-Men related titles, specifically Uncanny X-Men, the main title itself, and the spin-off series that he conceived with artist Chris Bachalo, Generation X.

He also had writing stints on Marvelís Fantastic Four, Alpha Flight, and The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix miniseries with artist Gene Ha.
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