Scott Lincoln

(Cartoonist - Kabloona; Solomon Road; Ralf the Destroyer, Assist. - Nancy, Artist - Ghost House, Inker - Knife River Prodigal)

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Scott Lincoln


I started cartooning professionally at the age of 15 with a weekly strip called Kabloona which was published in my local papers for about two years. Sadly these papers eventually closed their doors and it would take a number of years to get back into the business. But, back I came when I met a local professional who chose to hire me on as an assistant for the strip he worked on, United Features classic comic strip Nancy. For seven years I drew and inked backgrounds, scanned and colored the Sunday funnies and learned the tasks and tools of the trade under the demanding schedule of syndication. I also had an opportunity to have my own weekly panel called Solomon Road distributed by DBR Media for two years and burned away many late hours teaching cartooning classes at a local academy.

It was during this time (fall of 2004) that I came up with the idea for Ralf the Destroyer as a newspaper comic. I checked to see if there were any other alien comics in papers, there were none, and everyone told me why... "it's just impossible". So I figured any mountain worth climbing would have to be a big one! I am still climbing that mountain, but the trail I have blazed lead to publishing the comic strip on-line where it regularly updates and is gaining an audience. On top of this a prolific back story was developed and is being worked into a self published comic book series.

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