Scott Johnson
(Illustrator - Marvel Entertainment; Magic: The Gathering)
Scott JohnsonScott began his career as a sci-fi/fantasy artist in 1994, doing artwork for novels, magazines, and games such as Rifts (Palladium Books,) Mage: The Ascension (White Wolf Game Studio), Dungeons & Dragons (TSR), Star Wars RPG (West End Games), Mechwarrior (FASA) Warhammer 40k (Games Workshop), Dragon Magazine (Paizo Puiblishing), and Magic: The Gathering (Wizards of the Coast). In 2003 he began freelancing for Marvel Entertainment's creative department, illustrating super heroes for their promotions and licensed merchandise & toys. His Marvel artwork can currently be seen on large store displays and the clothing racks of retailers like Wal-Mart and Target, the shelves of any toy store, food packaging at any grocery store, and even the boxes and cups in Burger King kidís meals.

In 2005 Scott became the first artist to sign an exclusive contract with Marvel Characters Inc., making Marvel his sole client for the following 4 years. During that time he contributed to promotional and merchandise art connected to Hollywood films such as Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four 2, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Today, Scott continues to work closely with Marvel's growing creative department, digitally drawing and painting their characters for countless Marvel products, merchandise, and toys.
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