Scott Clark
(Artist - Batman Inc.; Brightest Day; Doom Patrol; Adventure Comics; Justice League: Cry for Justice; Hulk; X-Men; Cable; Alpha Flight)
Scott ClarkScott Clark is an industry veteran of 23 years. He was lucky enough to be one of the first hires at Homage Studio and stayed on during the creation of Image and Wildstorm. “Working in that environment with the best in the business was far better than any art school.”

Scott has worked on a wide variety of projects and characters including WHAT IF, ALPHA FLIGHT, WILDCATS, SPAWN, STORMWATCH, X-MEN, HULK, CABLE, FATHOM, JUSTICE LEAGUE, BRIGHTEST DAY, WONDER WOMAN, BATMAN INC, MR. TERRIFIC, and is currently penciling Grifter monthly for DC.

Scott has also contributed covers for Boom! Studios’ IRREDEEMABLE and THE TRAVELLER.
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