Scott Beach

(Writer/Creator - Super Brawl! Cronus vs. Black Cloud)

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Scott Beach


'super Brawl! Cronus vs. Black Cloud is the debut comic book publication by writer/creator Scott Beach of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Scott is a 38 year old, married father of two, a graduate of Hampton University and a lifelong fan of mythology, super hero entertainment, fantasy and science fiction. Released December 2012, Super Brawl! Cronus vs. Black Cloud is the first in a series of one-shot self-published comic books featuring heroes and villains from a world the author describes as a new super hero mythology set in an alternate reality where there is a global arms race to acquire humans with super natural abilities. Super Brawl! Cronus vs. Black Cloud, Created and Written by Scott Beach, Art by Stanley Weaver Jr., Inks and Finishing by Shawn Alleyne, Color and Graphic Designs by Blair Smith, Letters by Katherine Lo. Available for purchase at, IndyPlanet, The ibookstore and on the Android Kindle Fire application.