Sarah McCully

(Singer & Author)

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Sarah McCully


Female of the Species

Welcome to a world beyond this reality.

Through song and story we follow our heroine, Phoenix, down the rabbit hole and into her destiny.
Phoenix comes home one night to find a Minion hiding under her sink. After a few tense moments involving a baseball bat, Sid and Phoenix strike up an unlikely friendship. He tells Phoenix of his journeys throughout time and of his home, The Void: a cool, grey place he and the other Travelers use as a base as they move through time


Everything is going well, as well as surprise Minion visits can be, until Sid tells Phoenix she must leave with him, she is in danger. The Archer is coming. Following Sid into Time itself, Phoenix embarks on a treacherous adventure.

As she moves through history meeting an array of strange and wonderful creatures, she learns it was not an accident that she found Sid. He had been Watching her for some time. She is in fact a fellow Traveler, thrown violently from The Void with no memory of who she once was.

Phoenix must now piece together her past, discover why she was banished, and find out just who The Archer is and why does he march through her dreams All this while she recovers from the corners of the globe what was taken from her, her source of power.

Her wings.