Sam Flegal

(Illustrator: Warhammer, 40K, Legend of the Five Rings, and Fantasy RPGs)

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Sam Flegal


Sam has been a freelance Illustrator for the past five years. His clients include Alderac Entertainment Group, Fantasy Flight, Lone Wanderer, and Hero Games to name a few. As an illustrator for both book covers and hobby games, Sam specializes in painting strange scenes of epic fantasy and graphic horror. He describes his art as 'stylized realism, portraying fantastical things in a graphic manner, but with an eye towards real life. He loves to focus on exaggerated expressions, vibrant colors, and villainess activity. Sam's preferred medium is oil paint.

Sam has been fascinated by the strange and the macabre from a very young age. Fortunately for his budding morbid creativity, he was raised in a household that encouraged his interest in all things weird'sam's father was a magician and his mother a ventriloquist and clown. Now Sam pursues the weird in his art, never having been inhibited by a normal upbringing.

Additionally Sam has a deep love for Norse Mythology, and in his personal work depicts scenes from the lore of the Northmen. His reputation as a Norse Myth enthusiast is increasing and collectors have begun to seek him out for his interpretations of the northern gods.

Sam also does Zombie Portraits, where he takes your photo and draws a picture of you as a zombie!