Salvador Larroca

(Artist - Darth Vader; Iron Man; Uncanny X-Men; The Avengers; Captain America; FF; Thor; Wolverine; Amazing Spider-Man; The Flash)

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Salvador Larroca began his career drawing pin ups and short stories for the Spanish publisher of Marvel Comics, Planeta de Agostini. Soon he was hired at Marvel UK, where he drew Death's Head and Dark Angel.

Just before the demise of the British publishing house, Salvador began his American career with The Incredible Hulk Annual 21. Larroca did six issues of The Flash on his first year working on American comic books but Marvel showed bigger interest on his work and offered him the Ghost Rider regular series with Howard Mackie. Being capable of drawing more than a monthly issue, Larroca stayed on the title for three years before drawing Heroes Return, a four issue miniseries that made him a fan favourite.

Following a short stint on Excalibur, Larroca joined comics legend Chris Claremont on Fantastic Four, where they created Valeria, the second child of the Richards family. Three years on Marvel's First Family that gave him the opportunity to make true a childhood dream, being the artist of The Uncanny X-Men.

In 2001 writer Chris Claremont proposed Salvador creating a new X Men title, Extreme X Men, where he stayed on the title for twenty-four issues. On this title Larroca asked Marvel to reproduce his pencils without inking them, opening a new age on comic book state of art. Meanwhile, being capable of drawing more than a comic book each month, Larroca worked on various mini-series projects, including Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra and Ultimate Elektra.

After a short run on Bill Jemas Namor, Larroca went back to the X-Men but this time he did not enjoy his work as much as the previous time. Trying to reinvent himself and regain part of his lost passion on drawing, Salvador changed his art style embracing photorealism on newuniversal, a remake of Marvel's New Universe.

With renewed energy and illusion, Salvador drew Uncanny X Men, Amazing Spiderman and the Sensational Spiderman Annual (2007) that was nominated to the Eisner Awards as the Best Single Issue of the year.

In 2008, Marvel launched a second title starring Iron Man just in time to capitalize the renewed interest on the character coinciding with the Iron Man feature film. The Invincible Iron Man series reunited the Eisner nominated creative team of Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca and offered reader friendly stories solidly setted in the Marvel Universe. The title won the Best New Series Eisner Award in 2009, earning critical success and a great fan base. During 67 issues Fraction and Larroca built an amazing story that established Tony Stark as one of the key characters of the Marvel Universe.

Recently, Larroca was announced as the artist of the revamped Cable and The X Force, a new title part of the Marvel Now campaign. On his long awaited return to mutant family, fan favourite Salvador Larroca and young gun Dennis Hopeless will give readers an action packed, hi-tech superhero title.