Sajad Shah
(Hound Comics Lead Artist, Brimstone and the Borderhounds)
*Courtesy of Oz Wars Promotions
Sajad ShahBorn in Miami FL, Sajad began drawing at very young age. Throughout his younger years his skills developed and comic book art became a passion. While attending school and obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering, Sajad would constantly sketch in class and his work would garner more attention from students than the teacher’s lecture. “People would always tell me, I was in the wrong profession,” says Sajad. Apparently they were right. Sajad is now Vice President and Lead Artist of the series “Brimstone and the BorderHounds” for Hound Comics Inc. He has developed an underground following and has a unique and dynamic style. Getting praise from some of the industries greats, as well as fans alike, has pushed Sajad’s goal to new heights. Sajad’s innate ability to turn an ordinary idea into visual eye candy on paper is what separates him from the rest.
For more information on Sajad’s work, please follow him on the links below.
Facebook : Sajad Shah
twitter : @Sajad_Shah
Deviant Art : Sajad126
*Courtesy of Oz Wars Promotions
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