Ryan L. Schrodt

(Writer - CLiNT Magazine, Matinee Eclectica, Des Taylor's BLU)

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Ryan L. Schrodt


Ryan L. Schrodt made his professional comic book writing debut in Mark Millar's CLiNT Magazine with the story Battle of Dansroom (with artist Des Taylor), which was selected for the magazine by MIllar himself. Schrodt recently released a collection of short comics titled Matinee Eclectica, which features 10 original stories drawn by some of the most exciting independent artists in the industry. Schrodt's upcoming projects for 2011 include Des Taylor's BLU and the all-ages series Oren Takes Flight. Prior to writing comics, Schrodt was known for his comic book review column The Comic Book Review Power Rankings and various editorial pieces for www.WeeklyCrisis.com.