Ryan Browne

(Creator - God Hates Astronauts)

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Ryan Browne


Ryan Browne (pronounced Brown) is an American comic-bookmen who once used his own sock to wipe pizza from his face when no napkin was present. When not cleaning his face or his pizza stained socks, he writes and draws the questionable comics God Hates Astronauts and Blast Furance: Recreational Thief. In addition, he co-created and drew the spaghetti and western free Spaghetti Western known as 'smoke and Mirrors for IDW and is the often confused fill-in artist on The Manhattan Projects from Image Comics. Currently he is taking over as second banana artist of Bedlamwhich coincidentally is also published by Image Comics. As of writing this his face is happily pizza free, but the day is young my friends. The day is young...

You can check out his highly questionable web-comic at http://www.godhatesastronauts.com and follow his wild swearing on Twitter and Instagram @ryanbrowneart