Rusty Gilligan

(Art Department - The Avengers; The Walking Dead; Captain America: The First Avenger; Spider-Man 2 & 3, Sketch Card Artist - Star Wars; The Avengers; Marvel Beginnings; Star Trek; DC Ent.)

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He has been a fixture in comics since 1978 with credits including Marvel, DC, Big Bang, Image, Heavy Metal and more. His film work includes the original Heavy Metal, 'spider-Man 2 & 3″, and more recently Captain America, the Avengers, and The Walking Dead. At the beginning of 2013, Rusty will be working on a new comic-related motion picture.

Back in 1993, Rusty was working for card producer Clubhouse Diamonds and actually created the first 'sketch cards in the trading card hobby, and to his surprise, it soon took off and became a world-wide phenomenon.
In the past few years, Gilligan rejoined the sketch card arena and has provided cards for Upper Deck, Breygent Marketing, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Cult-Stuf, and many others, including producing his own sketch card set for the Mac and Trouble comic book he is releasing this year.

Currently, The Adventures of Mac and Trouble can be seen in comic books, a news strip for publications and newspapers, and soon a online feature.

A gallery of his ink work can be seen at:
Also, galleries of this sketch card work:

This is a perfect time to bring posters or memorabilia from some great films such as the original Heavy Metal. Please see his credits at

Rusty has appeared as a guest at many shows/conventions over the years including: San Diego Comic Con, ICON, Toys on the Hudson, Northeast Collectorfest, Hershey Comic Con, VA Comic Con, and many more. He is well-known for offering his work to the public at a low price (some of his prints are $1-3 per) and often sells comicsed pages that he's worked on.