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Ruby Rinekso


Ruby Rinekso is a jack of many trades. He's a cosplayer, a musician, and a graphic designer. Ruby is a writer/director/actor in a string of comedic sci-fi/comic convention based short films titled RUBISODES. Ruby has appeared in the film short, The Adventures of Captain Bucky, the off Broadway show 'space Captain: Captain of Space and has had a featured role in two commercials for SpikeTV. Most recently, Ruby has filmed and directed a series of promotional spots for Wizard World's NYC Experience.

Having been cosplaying regularly since 2005, Ruby has made the rounds to some of the biggest Sci-Fi/Pop Culture conventions known. He first started making the convention circuit as a member of the Star Wars charity costume communities of the 501st and Rebel Legion, where he has made appearances as various STAR WARS characters. Moving beyond that, Ruby has enjoyed making a name for himself by thinking out-of-the-box, and regularly making appearances as rare characters that arent usually household names such as Black Manta, Solomon Grundy, or even Gleek from The Wonder Twins/Super friends animated series. Ruby is always never above adding a comedic element/spin to his cosplaying. He's also been known to use unconventional means, such as stilts, to achieve the proper physical look of other characters such as The Incredible Hulk, Chewbacca and Manbat. Throughout the years, Ruby has won several cosplaying based awards.

For the past 16 years, Ruby is a veteran (and original) member of the KISS tribute band, KISSNATION, playing stages nationally. He plays lead guitar, performing in the role of KISS member, ACE FREHELY. During that time, KISSNATION has had the honor of getting praise from original KISS founding members, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Both Stanley and Simmons have seen KISSNATION perform on stage and has appeared with KISSNATION on the VH1 special, MOCK ROCK.

Ruby lives in New York City as a graphic designer for an educational publishing company.

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