Jennifer Rose & Ruby Rinekso


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Jennifer Rose & Ruby Rinekso


Ruby Rinekso and Jennifer Rose. The Super-Newlyweds arrive at Wizard World Philadelphia 2014 in full force.

The two have been wildly popular amongst the convention circuit for years, but ever since (Superman actor) DEAN CAIN helped facilitate Ruby's Super-Engagement-Propsal to Jennifer, the couple's popularity has increased a thousand fold. CNN, USA Today and other news media outlets have covered the proposal, and the moment has over 50K views on youtube. They've both made noticeable accomplishments in the pop culture/sci fi convention community separately, and now together, they are looking to take things to the next level.


Cosplayer. Musician. Writer/Director/Actor.
Amongst the cosplay community, Ruby is known for creating a string of comedic sci-fi/comic convention based short films titled RUBISODES. Along with off-broadway appearances, Ruby has been featured in television commercials nationally and overseas. His relationship with Wizard World includes the creation and participation of promotional spots for Wizard World's NYC Experience and Philadelphia. Ruby's most popular choices of cosplay include, the classic TV 1966 Batman, Solomon Grundy and Manbat. He is also a veteran (and original) member of the KISS tribute band, KISSNATION, playing stages nationally, performing lead guitar as "The Space Ace" and gaining praise from original KISS founding members, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Both Stanley and Simmons expressed their endorsement of the tribute band, appearing with KISSNATION on the VH1 special, MOCK ROCK. Ruby lives in New York City as a graphic designer for an educational publishing company.


Cosplayer. Designer. Seamstress.
For as long as Jennifer Rose can remember, she has explored her interest in art, design and other creative outlets. An avid seamstress since her first high school sewing class, she followed that up by adding an Illustration degree and fashion coursework at Fashion Institute of Technology to her utility belt. She managed to keep busy with various art fashion and costume projects throughout the years until she entered the world of Cosplay proper in 2005. To date, Jennifer has found inspiration in TV shows, cartoons, films, literature and comic books. Particularly, as an enthusiast of vintage fashion, hair, makeup and culture she loves to create costumes that are reproductions of vintage costumes or costumes that have a vintage flavor to them. By far her favorite of these is her 1966 television version Batgirl which was her dream costume from her childhood days. When she is not working on costumes and attending conventions, Jennifer keeps busy by sewing vintage inspired clothing, reading, hula hooping, attending vintage enthusiast events, crafting items for her Etsy shop and spending time with her pals in NYC.

Together, Ruby and Jennifer have featured their cosplaying talents for the forces of good, particularly by being members of the Star Wars charity organizations, The 501st Legion and Rebel Legion. Within those groups, the couple have made costumed appearances for various charities within the New York area, bringing smiles to many. While fans have marveled over Ruby's "out-of the box" cosplaying choices at conventions, they have also been equally charmed by Jennifer's beauty and grace in her costuming. They have both won several cosplaying based awards throughout the years. The couple looks forward to meeting fans this year at Wizard World Philadelphia 2014, their first as a married couple.

Separate, they are a force. Together, they are unstoppable.

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