Ruben Diaz

(Writer/Editor - DC Comics Presents: JLA Black Baptism; JLA; Iron Man; Spider-Man vs. Punisher; Deadpool; Black Panther; Deathlok; X-Men: True Friends; Silver Surfer; Nova; Wolverine: Black Rio; The Flash; Wonder Woman; JSA)

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Ruben Diaz


Ruben Diaz is the only comic book editor to work for the Marvel, Image and DC Comics trifecta throughout the 90s. Diaz's professional stint in comics began on the editorial staff at DC Comics, where he worked on Mark Waid's The Flash, Wonder Woman, The Ray and Justice League franchise - launching the historic JLA #1 with Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. Later, Diaz would serve editorial duties on many of WildStorm's flagship titles and the Heroes Reborn line of packaged Marvel characters (Iron Man and Fantastic Four). Returning to Marvel where he began as a college intern, Diaz launched a Spider-Man spin-off title, Slingers with the debuting Joe Harris, in addition to editing Generation X, Deadpool, Black Panther and a number of ancillary X-titles.

Diaz has written two X-Babies specials, Impulse and a JLA limited series. Along with Travis Charest, Diaz co-created the Green Lantern, Laira, who was prominently featured in the Rage of the Red Lanterns storyline.