R.S. Archey

(Author - The Seven Spires; Crucible)

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R.S. Archey


R.S. Archey has always had an interest in creating and building a story. The more he can put into a world, the better.

He majored in English for a time before he decided on graduating in Business Administration. The creation bug never relented, though. Even when not actively writing he is always building on existing stories or creating new ones. It's when he can finally put them to paper that he is reminded of his passion for the art.

His first work, the Crucible short stories, were inspired by his desire to make vampires scary again. He became disenchanted with the way vampires were being portrayed and felt the terrifying origins of the monster were all but forgotten.

His premiere foray into paperback publishing, The Seven Spires, was his attempt to put the myriad mythologies and fairy tales he knew into an epic, cohesive story.

Having dabbled in horror and fantasy, his upcoming work will include science-fiction and a work blending genres into yet another world with incredible possibilities.

His newest short story, Who Dwell Among Us, will be featured in the upcoming 38th issue of Sanitarium magazine.

He's aided in his endeavors by his favorite hobbies which include story-driven video games and creating sweeping campaigns for table-top gaming. It's something else that allows him to weave the narratives he's so fond of.

He's married to a lovely woman who gave him two wonderful children - all of whom constantly put up with his absent-minded creativity and nerdy habits. They often prove to inspire him in unexpected ways.