(Director - Speak No Evil)

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Speak No Evil stars Gabrielle Stone, a feature horror film directed by Roze and slated to be released in May, 2013. Gabrielle plays Anna, a single mother fighting to protect her daughter from demonically possessed children and a town gone mad.

Producing and directing films since 2002, Roze's first feature film, Deadfall Trail was theatrically released in 2010 and listed as the 19th theatrically released horror film of 2010 by Roze started his career working professionally as a production designer, first assistant director, editor and a cinematographer on feature films and commercials. Eventually Roze found his way to international sales and distribution, which lead him to create - an alternative distribution network for independent filmmakers.

Today Roze's earliest films, All Dogs and M.O.M. are part of the curriculum at some of the most prestigious film schools and fine art colleges in North America. He continues to push the boundaries of cinema and challenges industry norms both through art and business.