Roy Gonzales


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Roy Gonzales


My name is Roy Gonzales and this is my third year as a participant of Austin Wizard World Comic Con. I am a graphic artist/illustrator and have been drawing for over 30 years. I am passionate about comic books, have an extensive knowledge of pop culture and I am a big movie buff. I am currently working on my first self-published comic book, Average Joe. I am excited and a little nervous to see how comic book fans will respond to it. I enjoy drawing simply for the joy of it, to make people smile or laugh, to connect to other artists and also for myself. I find most of my inspiration for my art work from my family and close friends. I see a superhero in everyone and will often create custom characters for almost everyone I know which is what convinced me to start working the artist convention circuit. I am excited to be a part of one of the best comic book/pop culture conventions ever!