Roy Glenn Jr.
(Author/Illustrator - Lionheart)
Roy Glenn Jr.My name is Roy Glenn Jr. I was born in Philadelphia, PA, but was raised in the surrounding, suburban streets of Wilmington, DE. It was in those streets where I found my art, and learned that art and entertainment would be the only things to relieve me of the every-day-struggles of a young man trying to make a way. As a young boy, I was always in to cartoons, super heroes and villains. I was a good athlete, as well, and played football from little league throughout high school. To this day, I participate in a semi-professional football league. I developed a mindset that would help me to play football, very well, by imagining myself a super hero. While it may sound corny, believe me... it worked for me. I decided to create my own super hero and a story that would show the world what my mind imagines. I am the author and illustrator of ‘LIONHEART,’ the animated series. ‘LIONHEART’ is now ready for its debut, with full length episodes and books.
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