(Artist - Because Of Ivan; Womanthology: Heroic; Tiny Pink Robots; Little Earthquakes)

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As a child, Rori found she could make friends and influence people with her plucky cartoons and comics. As an adult, she sits hunched over her solitary art table, cursing the world. She feels this is the natural progression.

Young Rori became an avid scribbler at 18 months, and though it was predictably bad, she was undetered, continuing to scribble until the lines turned into pictures. As a teenager, Rori could often be found as the only girl in her local comic shop, thumbing the pages of The Maxx, TMNT, and Eightball, among others, in an attempt to find women who look like her. Her fascination with words and pictures led her to set pen to paper, making her own comics. They were also bad, but they were getting better.

Rori sprang into serious comicking action under the instruction of Ivan Brunetti at Columbia College in Chicago, where she turned from a life of crime to a life of comics, a decision largely frowned upon by her family. Since earning a degree in Graphic Design, she has been involved in a number of comics both online and in print, and was featured in IDW's Womanthology:Heroic. She is currently at work on a number of of sequential art projects, including her almost-autobiographical webcomic Tiny Pink Robots. She is also the founder of Madames des Comiques, St Louis' first women-only comic-based monthly drink and draw.