Ronn Sutton

(Artist - Honey West/Kolchak the Night Stalker)

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Ronn Sutton


Ronn Sutton is a freelance artist who has drawn some of the sexiest women in comic books (Honey West, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark [penciller for nine years], Vampira, Draculina, Spinnerette and Luxura) as well as some of the most adventurous men (Fear Agent, Starbikers and Kolchak the Night Stalker). Ronn is always busy with assignmentseverything from coloring book illustrations to online romance comics to stories for graphic collections like Spike TV's 1000 Ways To Die (published by Zenescope). Ronn frequently collaborates with studio partner Janet L. Hetherington, and their current project is a Honey West/Kolchak the Night Stalker crossover comic book for Moonstone, which Ronn is both pencilling and inking. Ronn has done many magazine illustrations and he has also worked in animation; in addition to working on Captain Highliner and Honey Nut Cheerios animated TV ads, Ronn was a key animator on the Savage Dragon TV series. In recent years, Ronn has sketched numerous accused in courtroom drawings for newspaper, online and TV publication. Website: