Ron Frenz
(Writer/Artist - Action Comics; The Amazing Spider-Man; Captain America; Daredevil; Fantastic Four; Spider-Girl; Star Wars; Supergirl; Superman; Teen Titans; Thor; X-Factor)
Ron FrenzRonald Wade Frenz is an American comic book artist known for his work for Marvel Comics. He is well-known for his 1980s work on Amazing Spider-Man, and more recently, for his work on Spider-Girl (who he co-created with writer Tom DeFalco). Frenz also co-created the New Warriors in the pages of The Mighty Thor.

Frenz's other work includes such titles as The Mighty Thor, Ka-Zar the Savage, The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Marvel Saga, Thunderstrike, and Superman. He is one of a very few artist to hold down a regular stint on both Amazing Spider-Man and Superman.

When DC Comics decided to change Superman's costume and powers, it was Frenz's design that was chosen for Superman's new look. Frenz has a history of working on books where the characters were not in their original costumes/identities. Spider-Man wore his black costume, Thor took on a new secret identity and look, and Superman changed costumes and powers all while Frenz was the regular artist on their titles.
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