Ronald Ong

(Artist - The Infinium)

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Ron ONG is a self taught artist growing up admiring comic book illustrations from Marvel and DC during the silver and bronze age. After earning a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts, Ron had directed a television show, worked with some popular television/music artists and had three daily running comic strips when he was back in the Philippines during the 80's. Ron migrated to the United States in the early nineties and has pursued a career in the Purchasing field. Today he holds a full time job in supply chain, but still his passion for the comic book is undeniable as he continues to draw on his spare time and submitting cartoons for company's newsletters. Ron co-founded Tango Unlimited LLC that is currently publishing the sci-fi/superhero comic book THE INFINIUM. On top of his daily job, he spends additional hours in the evening working on the art and colors of THE INFINIUM. After almost two decades Ron has decided to showcase back his talent to all the comic lovers and publishers. Although he has some future plans of coming out with other comic book titles, right now he would like to focus his energy to complete the saga of THE INFINIUM.