Rodolfo Migliari

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - Green Arrow; Green Lantern; Blackest Night; Final Crisis; Rogue; Elektra; Wanted; Star Wars)

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Rodolfo Migliari


Born in 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rodolfo Migliari spent most of his early years training his mind and body to become the ultimate masked vigilante, but after facing the harsh reality of life (punches hurt and people can't dodge bullets), he decided to put his personal war on crime to rest and live his adventures on paper instead. Since then he has done covers and Illustrations for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Top Cow/Image, Wizard Entertainment, Platinum studios, Topps and Toy Biz...Rodolfo Migliari: Too coward to be a real super hero, brave enough to be a comic book artist.