Roderick Kendall Brown
(President/Creative Director/Artist - Native Comics Entertainment)
Roderick Kendall BrownAt a very young age, Roderick Kendall Brown taught himself how to draw and express his emotions through art. Even though he played baseball, basketball and football, and made straight A’s through school, he knew that teaching others to live through art would truly make his life complete.

Rod graduated from Emory University with a degree in Liberal Studies and African-American Studies. It wasn’t long before others started to see what Rod was trying to create and joined on as part of what he calls the Native Comics Crew. Rod and his Crew began to participate in art festivals, road races, expos and elementary, junior high and high school events, showing kids and adults alike, that having a positive mindset can lead you up the road to better understanding of all people. Rod also graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with honors, to increase his technical expertise in Graphic Art and Design.

As Native Comics continues to grow and expand, with the help of a very popular website, a loving wife and son, numerous magazine/TV interviews and supportive family and friends, Rod Brown will continue to gather a loyal following, creating imaginative storylines and colorful characters. Native Comics Entertainment will continue to excite, enthrall and teach others how to interact together and live a positive life, no matter what the adversity... It is TIME!!!!!
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