Rob Lean

SPECIAL GUEST (Artist - Green Lantern Corps; Superboy; Action Comics; Lady Death; AndreA-D)

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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Rob Lean


Roberio Leandro, AKA Rob Lean, began his inking career in 1998 with agency Studio 3. His first job was in Genericman by Comics Conspiracy. By mid-2000, he was working as an assistant in the studio of friend, Alex Law Art Agency. As his art evolved he went from assistant to freelance artist working on some titles with his brother Ron Adrian for Chaos Comics. Titles included Lady Death, Chastity and various cards in 2002. He found himself once again as an assistant for his friend, Alex Law, who worked with artist and friend Ed Benes. That agency soon had his work in titles from DC Comics. Titles included Superman, Flash, Birds of Prey and Thunder Cats. He moved on to his first big break when he joined Space Goat Productions, Brazil in 2010. He was invited specifically to audition for inking RB Silva's work. Rob and RB are now great friends and have been working together for the last two years for DC Entertainment and Dark Horse on titles like Super Boy and Brain Boy.