Robert Salinas

(Creator - Doctor Muscles)

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Robert Salinas


Robert Salinas is the co-creator of Doctor Muscles, along with Austin Tinius, and has a profound love for O.J. Simpson.

Doctor Muscles synopsis:

The smartest man in Philadelphia, Dr. Arthur E. Muscles, is about to retire from a life of science when things go awry. A fortuitously modified formula at his research laboratory transports Dr. Muscles to another dimension, known as Quargo. Dr. Muscles now finds himself the lab rat in a maze full of perverted wizards, enslaved species, beastly giants and western motifs. His only shot at returning to Earth is to reach the Ultra-Lord at the end of the maze. Along the way, Dr. Muscles picks up various misfits and does his best to do the right thing, which usually ends up backfiring.

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