Robert Maillet

(Actor - 300; Sherlock Holmes, Wrestler - Kurrgan)
*Appearing Courtesy of Coolwaters Productions

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Robert Maillet


Before stepping into the wrestling and Hollywood spotlight, Robert grew up in a small French village in Eastern Canada. Oldest of three boys, it was very apparent that he was different from the rest of his age group. He was taller than anybody else, even his first grade teacher. He was a shy because of it but being a dreamer helped him escape. Robert loved to draw. He made up stories inspired by TV series and Movies he loved at the time, from Battlestar Galactica to Conan. At one time he had a dream of being an artist, but Robert also had a passion of watching Pro Wrestling at home with his Father. He was fascinated by the characters, from their skills, strength and a confidence that he wanted so much as a shy boy. When he was about to graduate from High School, he made the decision that would change his life. He wanted to be a Pro Wrestler and be in the World Wrestling Federation. He started in a local wrestling promotion, helped by his stature; at 7 feet they made him an attraction as a Giant. He became comfortable being in front of a crowd every night, he loved to tell stories in the ring as well. Several years later he had his big break and realized his dream to work for the WWF.

With them he wrestled all over the world, gaining experiences and making friends. After WWF, persuaded by a local friend who was an actor, Robert tried a little bit of acting. He appeared in an episode of Lexx and Liocracy with Leslie Nielson. Not long after that Robert got an offer to play a role in the motion picture film called 300. He was offered the part after a Montreal wrestling promoter gave his contact to the producers of 300 who was looking for a big man to play Uber Immortal. He was hired the day of his audition. Robert got to realize his second dream of being an actor in a Hollywood film. The film was very successful and his fight scene as Uber against Leonidas played by Gerard Butler won best fight of the year at the MTV movie awards in 2007. A year later he auditioned and landed the role of Dredger in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. A French henchmen who works for Lord Blackwood, Nemesis of Holmes played by Robert Downey Jr. He made news while shooting a fight scene with Downey when he accidently punches him in the face. The film was box office smash considering it went against Avatar. His next role was in a Film Noir called The Big Bang starring Antonio Banderas and Sam Elliot. He played Anton The Pro" Protopov, an ex con Russian Boxer, who hires Banderas Character to find a missing woman. This was his first dramatic role and his character is central to the story. A positive feedback from the cast and crew made Robert gain confidence in himself that he could do bigger roles and make a career in film. His next role he will play a Minotaur in the action fantasy film "Immortals, it will be directed by Tarsem Singh. He lives with his Wife and 4 Daughters in Eastern Canada.