Robb Mommaerts

(Artist - Shrek; PopGun; Food Fight)

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Robb Mommaerts


Robb Mommaerts is an illustrator, character designer, graphic designer and a newbie to the comics industry. Working for Cryptozoic Entertainment, he recently illustrated their newly released game, Food Fight. A story contributor to IMAGE Comic's Popgun Volume 3, Robb was also the cover artist to APE Comics and Dreamworks Animation's SHREK comic book series.

He has worked on five children's books, as well as several children's publications. He has also created character designs for computer games, mascots, and animation. He has had a lifetime fascination with comic books including the scary ones he used to ask his mother to hide from him.

When not drawing, painting, or cleaning up after two small children, he currently wanders the frozen wastelands of the great white north.