Rik DesChain


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Rik DesChain


If you are reading this you have found your way to my sanctum. Let me warn you that the things here in may disturb the average person. Twisted truths, abstracts of reality, visual emotions put forward as outward expressions. I am afraid that it is to late to apologize for if you have made it this far there is no going back. I do hope that you find enjoyment in these thought provoking works.

Thank you

My works here in are traditional in principle, but not in method or technique. I believe this comes from wanting to instill some duality not only in the idea of each piece, but in the creation of it as well. To provoke as much thought as possible while still keeping it simple in essence for the aesthetic of the viewer. I truly believe in the human spirit and hope to inspire others to expand their minds and find their dreams and achieve their purpose.