Ric Meyers

(Author - Dragons on Fire; Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie

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Ric Meyers


Ric Meyers is the author of three milestone martial arts movie books, is a former columnist for both Inside Kung-Fu and Asian Cult Cinema magazines, and has written a dozen Ninja Master novels for Warner Books. He has contributed liner notes, audio commentaries, interviews, and/or cover copy for more than four hundred international DVDs. An inductee into five martial art halls of fame, he has taught seminars at movie studios and TV networks, not to mention hosting the renowned San Diego Comic Con Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza for more than a decade. In addition to appearing on A&E, the Discovery Channel, Bravo, and Starz Encore, he has scripted both Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie and the up-coming Dragons on Fire, a graphic novel illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming. He is also the marital arts expert consultant on the Spartan X comic book series with Michael Golden and Renee Witterstaetter, inspired by Hong Kong cinema, most notably the work of Jackie Chan.

In addition, outside the world of Martial Arts, Ric is the award-winning writer of The World of Fantasy Films, The Great Science Fiction Films, Great Martial Arts Movies, Murder on the Air, and TV Detectives, as well as the author of Dell Books horror trilogy Fear Itself, Living Hell, and Worst Nightmare, not to mention Dungeon & Dragons Forgotten Realms novel Murder in Halruua. He was also the head writer of Fangoria, consulting editor for Famous Monsters of Filmland, assistant editor of Movie Monsters, and contributing editor for The Weekly World News. He served as Special Media Consultant for CBS-TV's revival of The Twilight Zone and the slasher film Just Before Dawn, among many other things.

Meyers has served as visiting professor at City College of New York, Brigham Young University, the Chinese Culture University in Taiwan, and the University of Bridgeport's Martial Arts Studies Degree Program.

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