Rick Burchett
(Artist - Wonder Woman; The All New Batman: The Brave and The Bold; She-Hulk; Justice League Unlimited; Batman Adventures; Green Lantern; Detective Comics; The Flash; Catwoman; Hawkman; Batman; Superman Adventures; Green Arrow; Justice League America; Action Comics)
Rick BurchettRick Burchett is an American comic book artist known for his work on such characters as Batman and Superman.

Burchett began his artistic career in St. Louis, Missouri, and did his early professional comics work at First Comics, Pacific Comics, Capital Comics, and AC Comics; on titles including Black Diamond, E-Man, American Flagg!, Great American Western, and The Phantom. Moving to DC Comics (as well as the DC imprints Impact Comics and Vertigo), Burchett’s first work for the company was on Blackhawk, followed by titles like Batman, The Flash, Superman, Black Hood, Wonder Woman, The Justice League, and Green Lantern.

Burchett received the Eisner Award in 1996 with Paul Dini and Ty Templeton for his work on The Batman and Robin Adventures. He shared the Eisner Award again in 1999, with Templeton and Terry Beatty, for his work on Batman: The Gotham Adventures.

In 2006 he became the ongoing penciller on Marvel Comics’ She-Hulk with writer and former Batman Adventures collaborator Dan Slott. As of 2011, he is the artist for The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the comic book tie-in to the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated television series.
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