Rich Larson
(Artist Ė Zombiesexual; Beauties & Beasts; Tricks & Treats; Demon Baby; Fastner & Larsonís Pocket Pal)
Rich LarsonRich Larson is the penciler in the Minneapolis-based Fastner & Larson illustration team. Working with airbrush artist Steve Fastner, heís created pulpish, vaguely humorous, somewhat spicy fantasy imagery since -- yikes -- the mid-seventies.

F&Lís work includes the original Marvel superhero portfolios; covers and stories for Topps, Warren, Vertigo, Chaos, Platinum, Charlton, Capital, and First;
album art for Powermad, Intruder and Overkill; the Sci-Fi Channelís web adventure Edward the Less, and moderately twisted art and stories for their own publications, including Demon Baby, Haunted House of Lingerie, and Little Black Book.

The profit-scorning independents at SQP have published 15 collections of their work, the latest of which are Zombiesexual and Beauties & Beasts.

Rich drew Bob Keenanís clueless-alien-meets-only-slightly-less-clueless-Earth graphic novel, Alien At Large, which is being developed (as they say) for the screen.

Unless heís piloting his Ď91 Civic hatchback, Rich is always drawing; feel free to stop by his table and have him whip something up for you.
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