Richard Perez

(Co-founder - Tango Unlimited LLC)

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Richard Perez


Rich Perez, Co-founder of Tango Unlimited LLC, was born in Elgin Illinois to Puerto Rican immigrant parents who came to the United States back in the 50's. The published academic and tech author made the transition to the comic scene back in 2009 with the debut of his 20 year in the making sci-fi horror comic: Descent of the Dead. A story where mankind takes the fight back to the undead for control of the world. In 2010 Rich released his second and highly praised title: The Infinium. A story of innocence, hope, forgiveness and redemption. Where one man's question of self purpose propels him in the path to inherit a godlike power. Alongside his daily routine, when not scrambling to meet deadlines for the various publications, Rich simply likes to spend his time quietly kicking back and relaxing with his wife in 4 kids.