Richard Kane Ferguson

(Artist - Magic: The Gathering)

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Richard Kane Ferguson


Richard Kane Ferguson is a visual artist, writer and musician. He has published numerous comics of his own creation. A perfectionist, Richard handles every last facet of his creator-owned projects, even down to the hand lettering of the books themselves. His list of credits include: Carnage from Eternity Comics, Offerings, an anthology published by Cry for Dawn, Daimons, also from C.F.D, Xenya, from Sanctuary Press, the interior art for Fallen Angel, from Acclaim Comics, Interior art for Marvel comics and short stories for a wide variety of other publishers.

Currently, Richard is hard at work on the completion of his opus- The Golden Age, The Book Of Xell. This lavish, fully painted work first saw print as a 50 page Graphic Novel in the September 2007 issue of Heavy Metal Magazine. The final chapters are coming in 2010 and will also be published through Heavy Metal. It is designed, written and painted by Richard himself and will be collected as a stand alone Graphic Novel as soon as the project is completed.

Richard has also worked as one of the principle designers on a wide variety of projects throughout the gaming industry, including Magic The Gathering, White Wolf Games, Acclaim, Last Unicorn, Shadow Fist, Galactic Empires and many others. One of the most popular artists for the much celebrated game Magic the Gathering throughout the 90's, Richard designed a host of characters that revised and expanded upon classic themes found throughout the medium. His designs for the massive M.T.G. expansions, Legends, Fallen Empires and Ice Age (some of the biggest selling card games of all time) won him a worldwide audience for his work.

Richard's subsequent work on White Wolf Games wildly influential and popular role playing books, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Vampire the Masquerade and many of the World of Darkness books, from Covers, to lead artist on the interiors of the books themselves, also proved cutting edge with the fans. His designs for the card games Rage, Vampire Jihad and further expansions, (also through White Wolf Games) provided a unique tone to these trend-setting games.

As well as working for some of the biggest companies in the comics and gaming industries, Richard's work has appeared in a host of other notable media outlets, including video games, short films, TV and advertising.

In recent years Richard has concentrated his efforts on his Fine Art. He has exhibited his work in San Francisco, New York City, Seattle and his home town of Saratoga springs N.Y. Richard's paintings explore the symbiotic relationships between Man, the natural world and the perceived inner life of his subjects. Through the private lens of the artist, shape, form and spatial relationships are rearranged into a distinctive form of symbolism. He is fascinated by the reoccurring mythic structures inherent within popular culture and how those structures constantly repeat themselves and pass themselves off as new.

As well as completing The Golden Age for Heavy Metal, Richard is hard at work on two other creator owned projects, Pulp Heroes and the Nephilim. Pulp Heroes is a hardcore Revisionist take on classic, Archetypical Heroes from the early Pulp era. The Nephilim explores themes found within The Golden Age and takes the ball into modern times.