Richard Dominguez

(Publisher, Creator, Artist - El Gato Negro; Nocturnal Warrior, Sketch Card Artist - Batman: Legend)

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Richard Dominguez


Richard Dominguez is an American Comic Book artist and freelance storyboard illustrator. Best known for creating the popular series El Gato Negro and El Gato Negro, Nocturnal Warrior. Dominguez publishes his comics through his imprint and art studio, Azteca Productions. Dominguez also is well known for influencing other artists and creators in the pursuit of their own self-publishing ventures. His major creative and artistic influences include Jack Kirby, Bob Kane, Will Eisner, Jack Cole, Jesus Helguera and district-court-judge Margarito C. Garza.

Dominguez formed Azteca Productions in 1993, its first publication featuring the debut of El Gato Negro, in what is now considered the company's flagship title. Dominguez later debut Team Tejas with the help of friend and writer Michael Moore in 1997. Publications were put to a halt during the rise and fall of the speculative market of the late '90s, allowing Dominguez to focus on his family life. He later returned in 2005 with a second series featuring Moore as writer and pencils by artist Efren Molina.

Since the popularity of the Nocturnal Warrior, it is listed amongst other created-owned characters featured in War of the Independents by Dave Ryan.

El Gato Negro is also listed in both Top 10 lists of popular Non-White Superheroes and Superheroes in LatinAmerica, among others like Zorro, El Santo and Kaliman.

Dominguez is currently a sketch card artist for DC Comics Batman: The Legend Sketch Cards set.